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Voting: 2018’s Must-Do Activity

Were you placing bets on how long it would take for me to bring up voting in an election year?

Yellow 2018 Elections Ahead Traffic Sign on Blue Sky

I’ll make this short and sweet and to the point: If you can, you must vote. In every election. Not just the big presidential one every four years (though that is very important!). But all of them. The midterms, the primaries, the one-offs, the little local elections, for everyone and everything from your senators to your school board to your arts funding.

Lack of voter participation is part of the reason why we’re in the mess we’re in. We have a constitutional right to a voice in our government. If you don’t like what’s going down right now, for the love of our country and our future, please vote. It is no longer ok to not vote. Not voting is silent acceptance. Not voting is saying you are totally ok with everything as it is. Think about that. If you can vote and you don’t, you are passively giving a thumbs up to the way things are. Is that how you truly feel?

Not sure if you are registered to vote? Did you move? Or maybe you just turned 18 and it’s game on? Now is the time to make sure your voter registration info is up to date so you can vote in November (and in any other election that comes along!).

Check out your state’s registration and voting information at Headcount or Rock The Vote.

We’re lucky enough to live in a country where we have a legally protected voice in our government. Please don’t waste that hard-earned right.

Vote like your vote
Until next time, some food for thought about one of the issues we’re facing as voters and as a democracy from the always delightful C.G.P. Grey:

Ok, a little more food for thought. NPR explores why folks don’t vote in this article. The reasons are many and generally understandable, if frustrating for those who feel voting is imperative. What’s your take? How do we address these barriers for voters?

Go forth and get ready to vote!