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Two Weeks & Counting

Ok peeps. We have 2 weeks before Election Day. Democracy needs you. America needs you. The World needs you.  You know what to do!

Now is not the time to give up. It seems bad. And, frankly, it is pretty freaking bad. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going to the election booth!  We built our country on fearlessness and fortitude. Who else looks the world’s largest military–our sovereign overlords–in the eye and says, “Eh, we got this”?

We really do have this! We know in our hearts that we need to fight for our country. And the easiest way to fight is to vote! It’s naturally violence-free and bloodless. So much better than the alternative!


Now that I’ve sold you on the awesomeness that is voting, check out the how and the where from the fine folks at Rock the Vote.

And don’t forget to do your research before you vote!  Colorado Public Radio has a whole bunch of info and debate on their Voting Guide for those of us in Colorado.

I was going to save the beloved Aerosmith Rock the Vote video (Joe Perry! And whipped cream!) for the final lap. But dammit, it’s been a rough ride and we need something to cheer us up.  Is it totally 90s?  Yes.  Does it make you want to protect your freedoms, including voting for the wrong person (better than not voting!)?  Yes. Yes it does.
And lastly, while I will leave your vote to your conscience for the most part, I do urge the Front Range voters to vote Yes on 4B. We need to continue support our community’s cultural organizations!


How can you say no to the Polar Bear?

Now get out there and vote!