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Time to Vote: Go Local!

It may only be local, but everything starts at home!

VOTE Day of the Dead

This time we’re rocking the vote Day of the Dead style.  ☠

This year’s voting is local, but just because it is small scale does not mean it is unimportant.  Every time you have an opportunity to exercise your democratic voice, you should use it.

Failure to use your voice increases the chances it will be taken away.  This sounds extreme, but please do reflect on history.  If you don’t speak up before it is too late, we all lose.

Please take a few minutes on Tuesday and vote for your local representatives, your school board, and those smaller local issues that impact your day-to-day lives.  If you don’t, others are choosing for you!

Not sure if you are registered?  Need to update your info or know where to go?  Check out to get all the details!

Happy Voting and Happy Day of the Dead!