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Throwback Thursday – Country Music a la Ken Burns

As part of the admittedly slow revamp of the blog, I am moving Throwback Thursdays away from Facebook (for all the reasons we move away from FB) to a spot here on the blog.  One stop shopping and you don’t have to see your coworker’s alarming political views just to enjoy some throwback goodness.  😀

For months now, I have been eagerly waiting for Ken Burns’ newest documentary series Country Music.  One of the many things I love about music is the complex and remarkable history behind every genre.  Music genres don’t just appear full fledged and clearly defined.  And they certainly don’t ever conform to their own rules!

Country music, with it’s deep and diverse roots in the history of America, is an amazing story.  I trust Ken Burns will do it justice!

Spotify has put together a set of playlists to accompany the new series.  Here is the first one (warning:  it is long!):


What is your favorite song from the list?  Let me know in the comments!  Mine is probably “You Are My Sunshine,” less for this particular performance and more because mom used to sing it to us.

Did anyone else have to sing some of these in school?  Or was that just a rural Indiana thing?

Enjoy the music and don’t forget to check out the documentary!  It starts this Sunday, September 15, on your local PBS station.