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Tears on Tape – The Postscript

Because one post ain’t enough.  😉 I finally received the UK Fan Pack version from Metal Hammer.  Finally.  Patience is indeed a virtue!

Worth The Wait

Worth The Wait

The bonus tracks (all 7 of them!) were recorded at Finnvox Studios (in Finland.  Surprising, I know) and they are excellent new versions of old favorites:

1. Wings Of A Butterfly
2. The Funeral Of Hearts (love the “Ha!” and giggle at the end. We were impressed, too! :D)
3. When Love And Death Embrace
4. Join Me In Death
5. Heartkiller
6. Buried Alive By Love
7. The Kiss Of The Dawn

These are fun, dare I say light-hearted takes that give a quick overview of their entire career and are well worth the wait.

In addition, it comes with an impressive HIM-only magazine whose contents I can’t review yet cuz I am actually trying to get homework done.  Honest.  I am, however, unable to resist the lure of new music and sharing my joy at its awesomeness.

The pack also came with several posters, one of which I’m seriously tempted to put on my office wall at work.  I think it would really set the appropriate tone for my interactions, don’t you agree?

You can take your request and ...

You can take your request and …

Ok, back to researching my final paper.  Kiitos for humoring my need for a distraction! 🙂

PPS:  There is a new video for “All Lips Go Blue”.  The video is, like the album, reminiscent of prior videos.  And yes, he still needs hair conditioner.  I know they have it in Finland, I bought some while I was there.  Ville:  Head to Stockmann’s, lower level, you can do it!