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TBT: The OG Misfits Are Back!

We’re shaking it up a bit and doing TBT on the site instead of the Facebook page because either I’m tech challenged or I want Facebook to do something it can’t (or a little of both!). Plus I needed a little more space to be enthusiastic about this particular topic…

As you’ve probably heard, horrorpunk originators The Misfits are reuniting with Glenn Danzig for both Riot Fests.  This is pretty awesome for several reasons:

1. It doesn’t get better than Danzig-era Misfits.

2. It puts an end to (ok, pushes pause on) the acrimonious relationship between Glenn and other founding member Jerry Only, opening the door for hopefully more than a handful of shows (can we dare to hope?).

3. We can all talk to Glenn about the Misfits without risk of being thrown into the fireplace (just kidding) (mostly).

Now, the reunion isn’t as shocking as it would have been a decade ago. This is the culmination of a long, slow dance even though lawsuits over the merchandising and other intellectual property have been going on for ages.  For a more in-depth peek into the reunion, check out the Rolling Stone interview.

Regardless of the why, the how, and even of the how long, I love that it is happening! I’ve put together a quick playlist of my favorite Misfits songs, along with the Metallica covers. For those of us who found metal before punk, Metallica was our introduction into the Misfits and I would be remiss to ignore their part in a lot of people’s Misfits journey.*

Did I leave your favorite out? Have a Misfits story you want to share? Please leave your comments below!

Also, the not-OG Misfits (sans Glenn) released a new EP on Friday the 13th, appropriately titled….Friday the 13th. Check out the title track here.

Lastly, do we think Glenn will sport a devilock?

Misfits poster

* You haven’t started your Misfits journey, you say? Well, hopefully this post gets you started! A large portion of their catalog is available for streaming on Spotify and available for purchase through the usual outlets. Enjoy!