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TBT: The Joy of Random Songs at Target

True Confession:  I’m that person in a store who sings along to the overhead music.  To all who have been forced to hear me sing while just trying to get their errands done, well, I’m only sorta sorry.  😉

Yesterday, I was shopping at my local Target and they were finally playing music that didn’t make me want to get out of there even faster.  And what came on while I was deciding if Dear Kitty would prefer chicken morsels or tuna flakes?  The Stray Cat’s “Rock This Town”.  To which of course I was singing along and slightly shaking the hips, because who can resist that swing?!  I was a bit surprised at how unmoved the rest of the shoppers were, though at one point I did hear someone whistling along.  I salute you, fellow public music fan!

For a quick break from all the holiday music, here are a few songs from the Stray Cats and their fearless leader Brian Setzer.

First up, the inspiration for this post:

Dear Kitty is a stray that I rescued from the local shelter and she has a swagger that always reminds me of this song.  Of course she has suffered through my attempts to serenade her.

Lastly, after the Stray Cats, singer and guitarist Brian Setzer went on to have a very successful career of his own, with both his regular band and his Orchestra.  To keep the energy going, let’s “Jump, Jive, an’ Wail”!

And yes, they really did dance like that in the 1930s-1940s.  My knees protest at the thought, but how much fun would it be? 😀

Hopefully this perked up your Thursday a bit (even though it’s a bit late)!

PS.  I went with the chicken morsels, in case you were wondering.  😉