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TBT: Halloween 2019!

Ok, well, I sadly neglected the blog on the trip to Paris.  Between the rain, a cold dubbed the Euro Crud, and a housing escapade, the blog fell behind while I was away.  But I’m finally feeling better (the hives are gone! yes, hives 😐 ) and am ready to join you again.

Halloween 2019 - Toronto

This finally explains what my cat is doing at 3 am

And what better time to come back from the metaphorical dead than Halloween!

When the weather turns, it always puts me in the mood for something a little more goth.  Well, more goth than normal. 😉  So let’s throw back to Type O Negative‘s “Black No. 1”  from the seminal album Bloody Kisses.

If you aren’t already in costume, suit up or at least throw on some eyeliner and enjoy this classic.  Only Pete Steele was tall enough to sling an acoustic bass that way!


Have a very safe and Happy Halloween!