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TBT: France et Moi

For Throwback Thursday this week, I wanted to share my excitement for my upcoming trip to Paris!  I have the good fortune to be going again and I can’t wait to be back in the land of pain au chocolat and cheese!

French cheese

♥ Le Fromage ♥

Originally I was going to only share one video of “La Vie En Rose”.  But I couldn’t decide between the original Édith Piaf version or Louis Armstrong’s version so we’re going with both, bien sur.

Side Note for Music Geeks: the English lyrics are not a direct translation from the French. The OG French lyrics are by Édith and the English lyrics are by Mack David.  Check out a lovely translation and analysis of the French lyrics here.

And now grab a cup of a coffee and a pastry.  Or a baguette and cheese.  Or do it right and grab both.  And then take a moment to enjoy this timeless song, in both français and Anglais:



Let me know which one is your favorite! 😀

Stay tuned for updates from my French journey!