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Rock The Vote – 6 Weeks To Go!

Here we are, only 6 weeks from Election Day.  Friends, this election has not shown the United States at its finest.  Our options are limited, our opinions are either vitriolic or apathetic, and we should all, quite seriously, be concerned.  But this is exactly the time when our country needs us the most.



We are among the fortunate few who have the power to elect their leaders and have a say in our governance. We fought for this in the Revolution and have fought to retain this right ever since. We have expanded enfranchisement (aka the right to vote) from what was limited by the original Constitution to include to woman and minorities, though it took more fight and time than it should have (and the work is sadly not yet done). We continue to have a right, nay an obligation!, to participate in our democracy. We have earned this power, don’t let it go to waste.

The right to vote is a hallowed thing in the United States. As is the grit and determination to build the America we the people want. And our poor, beleaguered country needs us now. So, please, if you are thinking about sitting this one out, don’t. Get out there and vote! Even if it is for my cat (who is still looking better than some of the candidates and not just in the cuteness factor).


The propaganda machine warms up

While at the national level things are looking grim, the local and state levels have a lot going on that will impact your day-to-day. Here in Colorado, for example, we have quite a few important ballot measures to vote on at the polls November 8th:

  • Amendment 69:  ColoradoCare (creating a state-wide health care system)
  • Amendment 70:  Minimum Wage (raising the state minimum wage to $12/hr by 2020)
  • Amendment 71:  Constitutional Changes (impacting the process for amendments to our state constitution)
  • Amendment 72:  Cigarette Taxes (increasing taxes on cigarettes to fund health programs)
  • Proposition 106:  Aid-in-Dying (legalizing the ability of terminally ill patients to end their own lives with doctor assistance)
  • Proposition 107:  Presidential Primaries (allowing the return of Presidential Primaries to Colorado)
  • Proposition 108:  Unaffiliated Voters (permitting unaffiliated voters to vote in non-presidential primary elections)
  • Amendment T:  Slavery Reference (removing a reference to slavery in the state constitution that implies slavery can be used as a form of punishment) (yes, you read that right)
  • Amendment U:  Property Tax (eliminating a low-revenue generating, very specific property tax)

In the Denver Metro Area, we also have Ballot Issue 4B, which is near and dear to my heart. This is the opportunity for us to renew the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District funding, that is paid for via a tiny little tax of $.01 for every $10 spent. This funding supports over 300 arts organizations across the metro area, from our beloved Colorado Symphony to your local small arts org to those awesome free days at museums. Unlike many of our European brethren, state and federal arts funding is very thin on the ground here in the U.S. We are exceptionally lucky in the metro area to have this funding and we can now ensure that our arts organizations continue to thrive. If you can vote here in the Denver Metro Area, please support 4B!


Popsicle the Polar Bear wants you to vote Yes on 4B.  Say yes to the Bear!

I will leave you to make up your own mind on the other ballot options. Careful readers can guess where I lean with most of them. 😉

Not in Colorado? Google “ballot measures” + your state or city to find what important changes in your community you get to influence. Take the time to do your research and make informed decisions on the future of your community.

Before I go, a quick reminder to make sure you are properly registered to vote. In some states, the deadline is rapidly approaching! Click here for info on your state.

Rock that vote and let your voice be heard!