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Rock That Vote, People

Well, this quarter has been kicking my arse, but I have found time for a quick post.  One of my classes is Civic Engagement and here we are, a week out from elections.  It is my civic duty to encourage you to vote.  Mid-term elections are less sexy than the presidential ones, but they are very important, especially with Congress constantly not getting along.

So, get out there and vote, people. Pretty please?  It’s not a democracy if we all sit on our asses and let other people make our decisions for us!

And never fear, dear readers, I do have a music tie-in!

For those of us who don’t remember the Rock the Vote campaign during the 1992 election (when we voted in Clinton the first time), they had a lot of music stars make spots to air on MTV to encourage us all to vote.  My favorite was the Aerosmith one (not at all surprising, I know).*  I’m not entirely certain this would air now – let me know your thoughts.  And then go out there and vote!  Even for the wrong person.  😀

* I have never voted and not thought about Joe Perry and whipped cream.  This may not have been their intention, but it adds an interesting dimension to the voting process!  😀