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Rock That Vote, People: 2015 Edition

As you may recall from last year, I’m a big fan of voting.  Why?  Because if you don’t vote, you aren’t participating in our democracy.  The one that we fought for and ostensibly keep fighting for.  And having a say in your government is totally awesome!  Now, I know this is the off year and the elections right now are the tiny ones that impact only your community.  But think about, your community–the one you live in, work in, raise your family in. And you have a say in how it is run! Totally cool!


While this is aimed at voters younger than myself, I think we all need a reminder about the history of the vote (brought to us by those crazy kids at Rock The Vote):

If you need a little inspiration, I recommend Joe Perry and whipped cream*:

It is our right, our responsibility, and our privilege to vote, so if you can vote–go vote!  

* Yes, this will be trotted out every year until the Interwebs takes it away from us. Because, well, Joe Perry and whipped cream. 😉
Updated 1/1/16:  Rock the Vote poster added. Credit: