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Ready Set Vote, Pt 1

We are 4 months away from Election Day here in the U.S.! Yes, it does seem like it will be a forever slog considering the current political climate. But really there are only 122 days left until we get to vote for the next POTUS. This is REALLY BIG DEAL, since the President isn’t just our leader but one of the most important, influential, and powerful peeps on Earth.


Yep, this place.

Now, I know this election isn’t ideal. The candidates are divisive, to put it politely. At some point we’ve all probably thought, “Hell, even I (or maybe even my cat) would be a better candidate.” We’re at this unfortunate point in history because in the past we’ve been too passive with our participation in our own government. But, because we live in the OG Modern Democracy, we have the ability to participate in the governance of our own country (which many people on this planet do not have). We have the ability fix this disaster. And it starts with our most precious right and duty as U.S. Citizens: the right to vote.

Georgie for President Poster copy

Sometimes it seems like a better option. But trust me, he’s a tiny adorable tyrant. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Voting is totally cool!  But like a lot of things that are cool, we need to do it responsibly. So now is the time to start getting serious about this thing. Get started while there is still time to do your research and form an educated opinion. Remember, democracy is predicated on an educated populace. So educate yourself. Learn about the candidates and issues. Let’s try not to have a Brexit fiasco where people are googling the issues AFTER they have voted and realized the consequences. Let’s also try to move toward a country where we can safely enjoy our rights to convene and to voice our concerns without violence. Before we lose these precious freedoms in the name of fear and hate.*

In addition to educating yourself, make sure you are registered to vote in your state so all you invest in learning doesn’t go to waste.  I know we have a lot of new folks here in Colorado** and migration is quite high across the country, so double check that you’ve taken care of this important detail.  Need a little help with this?  Check out Rock The Vote’s Election Center or HeadCount’s Voter Info page.  While you’re there, check out the information each site has about voting.  HeadCount also has a nice Other Links page to explore further.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Ready Set Vote as we draw closer to the election.

In the interim, this song keeps popping into my head.  Released in 1990, it is still completely relevant.  Can we please strive to improve things to the point where songs from 26 years ago, or even 50 years ago, are not still completely relevant?  Queensrÿche asks, “Can someone here stop this?”  The answer to this question is you.  Get out there and participate, communicate, and vote!



*  While partially satirical, The Onion has addressed how to go about considering these issues, with the apt phrase “Look Back Before You Act“.  It’s good life advice and even better voting advice!

**  Welcome new Coloradans!  May I suggest googling the following:  1. How to drive on snow and ice  2.  How to dress for our unique climate (layers are your best friend!)  3.  How to relax and enjoy the Chill Colorado ‘Tude.  This will help ease the growing pains we’re all experiencing.  This concludes this brief PSA within a PSA.