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Post #5 Album Anticipation

As you have probably gathered, Music is kind of a BIG deal for me. Like, I probably spend more free time thinking about it than anything else, even that cute guy at work (and no, I’m not naming names).

So when one of my favorite bands announces that their new album will be out on April 30th, the countdown begins. How does one handle this type of anticipation? With ill-concealed impatience, I’m afraid. It has been 3 looong years since HIM’s last album. I understand more than most the need to regroup after years of pushing so hard. They needed a break and they needed to figure out what to do after parting ways with their record label, and all of that is reasonable.

But YAY. New HIM Album!!! I need the first single, the first video, the first taste of the new album to help me through the next two plus months of waiting, pretty please, guys? The low quality You Tube live videos and artwork teasers are no longer satisfying. Am I greedy? Yes, yes I am. 🙂

I did find this online, whose advice seems sound:

Keep Calm

In the interim, we have singer Ville Valo looking calm, cool, and thoughtful:


Love? Metal? By Jove – Love Metal!

The good news is that next month brings us something to tide us over:  the soundtrack to Dave Grohl‘s new movie Sound City.  What does it include?

Who can resist?

And now I’m off to practice my patience.  For two months and 4.5 days.  I can do this.  I know I can. Right?

Tears On Tape: The Cover