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Post #2: Musical Obsession Du Jour

It is time for Post #2, a much more challenging post than #1 since I didn’t have any ideas readily available.  However, I am looking for a much needed distraction from my Global Economics homework.  Not that monetary policy isn’t a rollicking good time, of course.

Today’s post will focus on my musical obsession du jour, Black Veil Brides.  Love ‘em, hate ‘em, never heard of ‘em?  If you are in the last two categories, read on.  Already a fan?  You may skip to the video at the end.

While often judged for their image, these guys are truly and legitimately talented.  Hailing from L.A., they just released their third album:  The Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones.

To get the image thing out of the way so we can move on…I know they look like they wandered in off The Strip about 30 years too late. (Personally, I’m a fan of the eye liner and tattoo look, so no complaints here.)

Compare & Contrast:

Motley Crue circa 1984

Motley Crue circa 1984

Black Veil Brides circa now

Black Veil Brides circa now

Moving on to the important stuff:


I give the album an 8/10.  [I have no official, documented rating system, just roll with it.]


  1. They show real growth here but don’t over-extend themselves beyond their ability. They have spoken about the process of writing and recording this album quite a bit and I admire their openness about the challenges they faced.
  2. Their song writing continues to be very strong, finding the perfect balance between metal riffs and catchy melodies. The lyrics further explore both the religious ambiguity and the empowering messages that I love about them.  It is nice to have a band who genuinely wants people to be who they are and not to take any gruff about it (Gaga for the metal kids!).
  3. I’m a sucker for good musicianship and these guys have it in spades.  Special shout out to Jinxx for rocking the guitar AND strings!

Area of Concern (aka why they lost 2 points):

It is, as so many are these days, a concept record.  I have some reservations about this. Particularly the similarities in structure to My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, with the post-apocalyptic story line, narrated passages in the form of public announcements, the expanded genre range, and super long title with a colon (my blog = I can comment on the inane details if I want).  The Take Away? Points for tackling a concept record, no points for repeating a recently released theme.

I was also privileged to see them at their sold out show on the 7th at the Ogden Theater.

The Show:

9/10 [still my arbitrary rating system]

I had my concerns, as some of their TV performances have been lackluster (why is TV such a challenging medium for live music, btw?).  However, they were amazing, especially guitarists Jake and Jinxx (also on violin!  Talk about cajones!).  Singer Andy, who I will admit to finding absurdly attractive (thank goodness he’s of age – it isn’t too creepy.  Right?), was a tad under the weather and feeling the effects of the altitude but pulled it off with the help of the band and the crowd.  They were high-energy and entertaining and a perfect cure for the mid-winter blahs.

Whew, long story long, I highly recommend you check out this band.  So I will leave you with their latest video, In The End.  Approach with an open mind and enjoy!


PS.  Found this while looking for Crue pics and had to share.  You’re welcome.

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue