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Once More With Feeling…

Here we are, one week away from the Election!!  I promise this will be the last post about this election season (other than a gentle reminder on Election Day on the Facebook).  I just wanted to leave you with some final thoughts as we survive this last week.

This is my not-at-all-subtle reminder to vote!  Your vote is your voice!  Take it from Thomas Jefferson: Silence = Tyranny.  Or take it from Megadeth and Dave Mustaine (from before Dave, um, got vocal about his own brand of politics.  At least he is exercising his right to freedom of speech!  And we know he’s voting…):
Tired of the candidates?  Don’t forget the other minority party option: my cat.  The time for change may be the time for Feline Rule.


Democracy in Action

In all seriousness, though, please do exercise the amazing right we have here in this country.  Your voice does count, both at the national level and the local level.  If you need help navigating your local ballot, start at The Voting Information Project.

Lastly, if you are in the Front Range Area, be sure to support the arts.  Vote YES on 4B!

Now go forth and vote!!