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Music & Movies

Over the weekend, I went to see The November Man*.  As usual, I paid a lot of attention to the music, which brought me two new discoveries:

  1. During the preview for Liam Neeson’s new movie Taken 3 A Walk Among the Tombstones, an excellent, haunting cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” played over the second half. I know this has been playing on the TV previews as well but I was too surprised by the movie not actually being Taken 3 to notice. I’m not sure if it comes with the classical musician territory (since performing classical music is basically a career in covers) or what, but I love me a good cover (though I’m picky about it.  Of course. 😀 ).  Nouela makes this totally her song while maintaining to an exceptional degree the integrity of the original melody and vocal inflections.  Brava!  Without further ado:



2 . During the actual movie, the insanely gorgeous Olga Kurylenko plays a beautiful, mournful piano piece (for reals, apparently) while passing the time on a stakeout in a “borrowed” apartment (because, well, why not?). Through the power of the internet, I know this to be French composer Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No. 3. Because classical music is a vast universe and sadly my free time is not nearly as extensive, I was aware of and enjoyed Satie’s more famous Gymnopédies, but had not had the opportunity to explore his full catalog and discover the Gnossiennes.  Despite Satie being from my least favorite classical music period (late Romantic/Early 20th), I do have a soft spot for the Belle Époque composers, particularly of smaller, more intimate works like Fauré’s and now, increasingly (thank you internet), Satie.  There is something so ethereal and melancholy about the music of Paris’ “Beautiful Age” that belies the standard image of a Paris awash in post-Prussian War, pre-World War I prosperity and gaiety.  Perhaps proof that art is the true mirror of the times?

I found an excellent performance of the song (all of his Satie performances are excellent, btw):


In summary, I must say, I love the internet.  Not only was I able to look up two songs easily and readily, I was able to find full performances of them and further explore the music of the peeps involved.  And I discovered a talented pianist simply doing his thing and sharing it with the world.  So awesome!  🙂

I hope you enjoy the music and don’t forget to listen responsibly!  


*Quick Movie Review:  The November Man doesn’t deserve the mediocre reviews it has been receiving.  Pierce nails it (his character is much darker and more violent than he was permitted as Bond) and the movie is fast paced but as plausible as any action spy thriller.  Perhaps a little too plausible when it comes to the CIA taking part in events it should be keeping its nose out of (sigh).  It isn’t as high caliber as the Bourne movies, but all in all, I recommend seeing it.  J