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Long Time, No Post

Dearest Readers (all 4 of you – thank you),

My apologies for neglecting you during my summer vacation.  Twas a sweet sweet respite from all responsibilities (except that pesky thing called work – but they do pay me).

I have been inspired to come back to my blog not to share my excitement over the upcoming Locura Festival (with HIM!!!!), but because I just heard Rossini’s Overture to the Barber Of Seville playing on Music Choice’s Light Classical channel, my preferred soundtrack for reading.

And it brought such a huge grin to my face, with so many memories of that song.  Starting with Bugs and Elmer, of course, through playing it in high school (so much fun to play a song that has everyone bopping along!), through seeing it performed live with my brother at the CSO a few years ago on my birthday, accompanying the cartoon.

In sum, it reminded me why I love music – what other art form can bring so many disparate memories together with so many emotions?  The sheer joy of that song, to listen to it or to play it or to watch Bugs confound Elmer to it simply equals magic.  Joy that I couldn’t keep to myself, obviously.  🙂

And now they are playing the fourth movement to Mozart’s Symphony 25 (my favorite Mozart symphony.  If you don’t have one, I suggest getting started on choosing one – it is worth the effort).

Ok, before I bore you to tears with my undying love for classical music, I will leave you with the Rabbit Of Seville:

Alright, and Mozart’s 25th (first movement to get you hooked), because it is too awesome not to share:


And now back to the cheesy historical romance I was reading before being so delightfully distracted.  Will the Lady choose the Earl or the Duke? Decisions, decisions…