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Hello There 2019

Ladies and gentleman, we have made it to 2019!!!

Hello 2019 2

I can’t begin to express the relief I feel in putting 2018 behind us.  It was a year filled with loss, health problems, work challenges, personal challenges, political batshit-craziness, and the occasional (and expensive) car issue for variety.  2019 won’t cure all the ills but hopefully it will give us a fighting chance!

To be fair, 2018 did have some high points–good times with the peeps, great concerts, an amazing trip to Paris, and a new addition to the family to name a few.

Lolo intro

Meet Lolo, Fetcher of Mousies and new Queen of the Couch

But everything took its toll and I opted to go back into exile to focus on my mental and physical health for the last two months of the year.  The break was worth it!  At last, I feel ready to do what I wasn’t ready to do before: make the necessary changes in my life to create the one I want instead of the one the Universe keeps throwing at me.

What does this include, you ask? Here are a few of my resolutions:

  • Expand my writing and creative output.  This means consistently blogging and creating beyond the blog.  Hopefully you will enjoy the ride.  🙂
  • Keep myself healthy.  Yes, this includes the dreaded weight loss.  For those who have weight loss on their list, we can do this!!
  • Find and explore new opportunities through volunteering, networking, and, you know, getting out of the house more.  Hard (very hard) for the introvert but absolutely necessary.
  • And for the introvert and avid reader in me, following the Reader’s Guide to work my way through the Harvard Classics Five Feet of Books collection*.  Life without reading really isn’t living is it?
Harvard Classics

The Harvard Classics.  And some dust.  Yep.

Here’s to an awesome 2019!!!

PS Let me know your resolutions.  The more people you tell, the more dedicated you become!  At least this is the theory I’m going with…

* If you aren’t familiar with the books, it is a series first compiled in 1910 as a compendium of Western thought.  My set was my father’s, a 1965 “fifty-sixth printing” of the 1930 copyright version.  Harvard, back in 2001, issued a modern critique of the books with valid points.  But this venture is more to connect with Dad and his never ending curiosity than to review Western thought, so I take the good with the obsolete.  And they smell amazing, as only antique books can.