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Hello There 2018

2018 has arrived!  2017 was a rough ride and I for one am pleased to be on this side of that particular line.

But what does a new year mean?  Is it new resolutions?  New beginnings?  I found this quote that totally sums up how I feel:

New Year 2018

I believe in making this year more awesome than the last.  I believe that with faith and determination we can all make this year better than 2017.  We have a choice to let everything continue in a rather dismal status quo or to rise above it and create something new and exciting.

For 2018, I know I’m aiming to rise above the my own status quo, shake things up, and move toward a happier, healthier, and more satisfied version of myself.

What are your hopes and beliefs for 2018?

Here’s to shaking things up!

Happy New Year!