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Happy Holidays!

As I type, I am sneaking in my annual viewing of The Sound Of Music movie while trying to get a bunch of chores done (including a holiday blog!).

A few quick words about The Sound Of Music and then I will leave you with some of my favorite holiday music for review and enjoyment:

I LOVE the TSOM.  I grew up watching it with Mom on TV when it aired.  I listened to the album on vinyl (back when vinyl is what we had, not because vinyl was hip) with giant headphones and sang along out loud, probably torturing my family.  I have taken The Sound Of Music tour in Austria – where you get to sing along together on the bus with a bunch of other fans!  The movie is fun; it is schmaltzy; it is good, clean, G-Rated fun.  The one thing that has always baffled me, though, was why it is now a “Christmas Movie”?  Is it the nuns?  The alpine setting?  The family feel-goodness?  I assume it is not the Nazis.  Regardless, it gives me an excuse to break out the DVD and sing along (and now torture my cat and neighbors).

So many good options, but I will choose the seasonal favorite, A Few Of My Favorite Things:

On to other favorites:

SavatageChristmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24.  This combines 2 of my favorite things:  The sadly now-defunct band Savatage AND my favorite traditional Christmas Carol, alternatively known as The Ukrainian Carol or Carol Of The Bells.  (And no, this isn’t Trans Siberian Orchestra – TSO was formed by members of Savatage after their album, Dead Winter Dead, came out.  Those long haired guys playing guitar?  Yep, members of Savatage).

Also, check out this All Cello Version, if you have the time!

Elvis’ Blue Christmas. You know what I’m talking about.  Alas, I could not find a youtube version (Presley Estate peeps are on top of their game!), so I will show you the Quebec-based teenage Elvis-impersonator youtube sensation David Thibault (freaky, right?!)

Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria – It was hard to choose a version of this (‘twas tempted to highlight the Chris Cornell version, but the “instrumentals” are appalling), so we go with the short and sweet version by the Celtic Women:

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman. And no, it isn’t because it mentions Satan.  Ok, well, maybe a little (so metal!). But I’ve always loved relatively dark key and the line “Tidings of comfort and joy” sums up how I hope everyone feels in the Holiday Season, at least for a little bit between tackling the mall and dealing with that relative.

And lastly, I leave you with Apocalyptica having entirely too much fun with The Little Drummer Boy (Paavo’s smile when the wig falls off – priceless):

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Don’t forget to take a moment to listen to some of your favorite music with loved ones and enjoy the true spirit of the season – peace, joy, and love! 


PS:  Like what you hear?  Be sure get more from places where the musicians and songwriters can get paid (they need to put dinner on that Holiday table, too):  Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.  Thanks!