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Happy Halloween 2017!

Happily, the return of MATR coincides with Halloween!   We’ll start with some vintage fun:


Would my own black cat hang from the moon?

Alas, the late-in-October return of MATR means I wasn’t able to provide a full month of Halloween music awesomeness like last year.  So, as a consolation, I would like to provide a month’s worth of awesome without the wait!

Instead of last year’s oh-so-Halloween metal offerings, this year we’ll explore some classic rock and gospel/jazz.  Let’s dive right into some old school spooky:

I Put a Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Halloween needs a little voodoo.  While there are many great versions of this song (including Nina Simone’s), I’ve always loved this one most. John Fogerty’s forlorn and vengeful howl and his matching guitar riffs ring out in an amazing, almost visual, space (seriously, the production values could have their own post!). Chills every time.

Sinnerman – Nina Simone

Speaking of Ms Simone, next we go to her awesome version of “Sinnerman”.  The first time I know I heard this was during the climax of the Thomas Crown Affair.  But it’s appeal is more broad than even Pierce Brosnan committing art theft in a bowler hat. 😉  Between Nina’s vocal and that driving piano, you feel the urgency of the Sinnerman looking for redemption and finding the opposite.  Thus are the wages of sin!

Superstition – Stevie Wonder

On a list such as this, we can’t leave out this song.  The bass line alone makes it worth having on pretty much any list you can sneak it on to.  ;).  Also don’t miss the Stevie Ray Vaughn version (the video is great, with a cameo bonus at the end!)

Black Magic Woman – Santana

Considering the other selections, you probably saw this one coming.  😃  When you are thinking voodoo and the dark arts, of course you must think of Black Magic Woman!  Don’t turn your back on her, baby…

The YouTube offerings for the studio version of this song were not great.  Spotify to the rescue!


I hope these songs get you in the spooky holiday spirit.  While you probably are already done with the bulk of your partying, please remember to enjoy Halloween responsibly and keep an eye out for trick or treaters and your friendly neighborhood black cats!