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CSO and 007

Like shaken and stirred, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and James Bond were the perfect duo last night. Featuring Hilary Kole on vocals, they played all the expected hits (and a few unexpected ones!) and the audience was gladly along for the ride.  A few, including the gentlemen beside me, dressed the part in suits and tuxes complete with martinis.  Though none were as dashing as 007 himself (perhaps they lacked that air of mystery and danger). 😀

As a life-long Bond fan, I must say, there are few things cooler than hearing the Bond Theme live with a full symphony orchestra.


Why, yes, my theme song is iconic and awesome.

Other highlights included the From Russia With Love theme song (my favorite Sean movie and one of my favorite themes), both Shirley Bassey tracks–“Goldfinger” and “Diamonds Are Forever” (Hilary has the pipes to pull them off, too!), and a rousing rendition of Paul McCartney & WingsLive & Let Die” (complete with a surprisingly in-key crowd sing-a-long). They also unexpectedly pulled out a song from the “non-Bond” 1967 spoof version of Casino RoyaleDusty Springfield‘s “The Look Of Love“.  The encore was an infinitely-better-than-the-original cover of the latest theme song, Sam Smith‘s “Writing’s On The Wall“.

All in all, in a year of truly awesome concerts, this stands out as one of the best (fully justifying my CSO subscription!). On the MARS scale, I give it a 9/10 because “Skyfall” didn’t feel true enough to the original when the others did (or even improved them–seriously, Sam Smith did not at all nail that song. At least they wrote “You Only Live Twice” comfortably within Nancy Sinatra‘s limited range).

And because you need more of Bond’s awesome music:

The Original Theme, by the amazing John Barry.  What would Bond have sounded like without him? What would Bond sound like if they just started making the movies in 2000s? I’m pretty sure it would not be as cool as this:


Matt Monro‘s “From Russia With Love“. For the low tech yet effective (ah, the ’60s) movie opener version, go here. (Also, I’m pretty sure my neighbor is not amused at me singing along at top volume…)


Shirley Bassey having way too much fun with “Goldfinger” live at the Royal Albert Hall in 1974 (love the laugh after the “kiss” 😀 ):


Would this be complete without Duran Duran‘s “A View To A Kill“? Of course not:


I’ve always had a soft spot for a-ha‘s “Living Daylights” (and the movie–the Bond girl is a cellist!).  They are the only Bond theme artists that weren’t British or American (go Sweden!):


And Adele‘s “Skyfall was such an incredible return to form for the theme song:


Lastly, Hilary Kole had an incredible stylistic range. Here is a video for her cover of Duke Ellington‘s “I Didn’t Know About You“:


I could wax poetic about Bond music for much longer, but I will spare you. Or will save it for another post. Because…



And, as always, if you liked the music, be sure to enjoy responsibly!