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…and I’m ba-ack!

First, I assure you I’m still among the living (at least I’m pretty sure, this quarter has been rough). Second, we have six months and 1 week before I have my life back. Stay tuned for when this switches to days.  🙂  Third, thank you for sticking with me in my absence.  I’m leery of making promises I can’t keep, but I fully intend to make this blog fully operational after I graduate.  I have big ideas that I hope will come to fruition early in 2016!

Back to the present:  I heard this on the drive to work a few weeks ago and have been wanting to post it ever since.  This song perfectly captures the craziness of this quarter!*

Also, I wanted to quickly (and belatedly) acknowledge the passing of the awesome Ben E King on April 30th with two songs:

The classic choice (I would be remiss if I didn’t post):

And I bet you dance in your seat while you listen to this song (I know I do!) :

Lastly, for something from this century, a new(ish) video from Apocalyptica.  Can’t wait to see them again in a few weeks!

16 Days til the end of the quarter and a brief return to sanity!  😀

*Do you remember the scene from the WhoopI Goldberg movie Jumping Jack Flash with this song (sorry could only find it in French-merde! The fun starts at 2:58)?