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Welcome to Music and The Rest!  Why music?  Because I love it and want to share that passion with you.  Why The Rest?  Because life can’t be about music all the time.  Though I sometimes (most times) wish it could be.

Formerly known as CelloGirlDenver, the blog Music and The Rest (MATR) started out back in 2013 as an assignment for a writing class.  It has slowly grown into something bigger and more permanent, complete with cleverly punny name.

MATR comes out of a desire to share to my passions and ideas about music, history, and all the random things that happen in life while connecting with others (hopefully including you!).  Here you can feel free to geek out about Bach, Metallica, and the American Revolution (ok, probably the French Revolution–I’m a devout Francophile).

Where does this all come from?  Well, I fell in love with music as a young girl, spending hours listening to the radio and my parents’ record collection.  But before that, I wrote.  A lot.  Everything from short plays to a fictional newspaper (complete with coverage of “Pigs In Space”)*.  But when I was 12, I picked up the cello and it was all over.  Music became not just Priority #1, but the only priority.

From there, I earned an Associate’s Degree in Music Business from the Art Institute of Seattle and worked for the Seattle Symphony for awhile (as receptionist, not cellist, alas I’m not that good!) and then moved to Denver to escape the rain.  After nearly two decades of living, loving, losing, and gaining everything from parents and a spouse to pets and friends and a Bachelor’s degree in communications, life is finally (slowly!) finding some clarity.  This includes returning to that first love of writing.  Muppets-related articles optional.

* Sadly/thankfully no copies of this quality periodical have survived the vagaries of time.