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A New Beginning

Sometimes life offers up challenges that become new beginnings.

Back in February, we were told that our Beloved Mother has Alzheimer’s.  In some ways, this was a relief.  Finally an explanation for behavior that didn’t seem like normal aging or part of her delightfully quirky personality.

But this also meant that our entire universe had changed.  All the care she needs now and what she would need going forward. The long and ongoing struggle to understand the disease.  All of the whys and wherefores and what-nexts.  The need to balance all of this and not lose ourselves in the process.

And, most imperatively, it meant that she needed to relocate from her home in Indiana to Denver so that Dear Brother and I could help care for her.  It was an arduous and whirlwind project.  I’m pleased to say Mom is here now–safe and cared for and living in a great community.  She even has an amazing, envy-inducing view of the mountains!  It is a blessing to have her so close (the first time we’ve lived in the same state since I moved out 21 years ago!).

What this all means, dear readers, is that I’m able to come back here to Music & The Rest.  I’m still learning how to balance everything in my life currently, but I want need the outlet that writing provides. And after much soul searching, I knew that I wanted a new beginning here as well.

This was a different struggle.  Do I get a new blog name?  Do I rebuild the current site?  Am I happy with the content?  The answers came down to:  no, yes, and sorta.  So, the rebuilding began and we have a new look here MATR (please excuse the dust!).  And going forward, the content will reflect more of me personally.  This is a time of renaissance for me in many ways and you are going to be included on the journey.  Never fear, music will still be the primary focus here (of course!) but I plan to spread my wings a bit as we go along.

I thank you for your patience during my unexpected hiatus and hope that you will enjoy the new look and new direction!

Your fellow passenger on this crazy ride,

Michelle  🙂